Sleigh Rental

As winter's chill settles in and blankets the landscape with snow, we are reminded that Christmastime is just around the corner.  It's a magical time when children are dreaming of Santa's sleigh packed full of toys and gifts.  Most of us have nostalgic visions of a one-horse open sleigh ride, then snuggling up to a cozy fire with a warm mug of rich hot cocoa.  

To make this holiday extra memorable, indulge your fantasy and consider renting our vintage sleigh for your event! 

Add a classic touch to your celebration by featuring Santa's sleigh for...

  • A unique prop for family photos and greeting cards
  • Grand decor for your holiday party or gathering
  • The centerpiece of a parade float
  • A collection point for a holiday toy or gift drive
  • A stunning decoration for a lobby or sales display
  • Or a personal visit from Santa Chuck!

Like many horse-drawn sleighs found throughout the country, these rustic antiques are broken down and forgotten relics of days gone by.  We have lovingly restored this circa-1900 "Portland Cutter" sleigh to the original beauty of its' romantic past.  After being purchased in 2018 in Oakland, Maryland, this restoration was completed in 2019 by Steve Sines of Western PA and his brother, Ken Sines of Columbia, MD.

Price List for Sleigh Rental

Photography by Kristin Shjarback

Daily (up to 24 hours) . . . . . $150

Each additional day. . . . . . . $125 per day

Weekly (7 days) . . . . . . . . . $750

Delivery & Pick-Up . . . . . . . $ 50  (within 40 miles)

      Add $0.30/mile in excess of 40 miles one way.


A 50% discount is applied for Daily rental only if used in conjunction with an appearance from Santa Chuck.

Invite Santa Chuck

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